In 2008, Naval Systems Incorporated (NSI) opened our Ridgecrest, CA office to support the Unmanned Systems Activity and Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) work at NAWCWD, China Lake. Our staff is embedded in the UAS (now Unmanned Systems Activity) and the Counter IED (CIED) facilities with over 10 years experience in contracting range safety and operations.

Today our office also supports a wide-range of engineering, information assurance, security, and office administration services. NSI at China Lake is committed to the warfighter; developing support teams that cater to weapons development and the technologies of today and far into the future.

Unmanned Systems Activity

  • STUAS Tier II admin support for flight demo
  • Foreign visit coordination support
  • Target and sensor payload integration support

Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED)

  • CIED security and information assurance coordination
  • Development of counter terrorism briefings and test plans
  • Test documentation and data analysis
  • Perform test trials expanding to new vulnerabilities
  • Report to government test progress and mapping of results

System Engineering (all in CIED testing)

  • System Engineering Processes (evaluation, training, & implementation; product development strategy)
  • Risk Management (methodology & process development; risk analysis).
  • Systems Analysis (verification using statistical analysis techniques, performance analysis, toolset skills)

Information Assurance

  • Range software support and authentication
  • Certification of range for SSAA qualification
  • Preparations on Authority to Operate for site mandates on the RDT&E network

Test and Evaluation

  • Operating in teaming contracts NSI is pursuing new venues and contracts that will continue further development. Looking to offer more flexibility and accessibility into the restricted airspace R-2508 China Lake site for weapons tests and evaluations along with the surrounding National Airspace being used at China Lake.
  • Member of AUVSI and have participated in experimental weeks in conjunction with the NSOC/Naval Post Graduate School sponsored TNT events looking for new technologies and ideas to be exploited at China Lake. Ideas presented are UAS payload integrations and platform inception test flights for use in future tests or evaluations.

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